Locum Rewards

Here at Professional Local Locum we like to reward our GP’s for their hard work. That’s why we offer reward levels to all of our registered GPs.

When our GP’s reach a certain number of hours worked we like to treat them to Virgin Experience Days.

Reward Level 1

Achieved at 36 hours worked

Cinema or activity tickets so that you can enjoy a well deserved evening out.

Reward Level 2

Achieved at 82 hours worked

With 40 different experiences to choose from when you reach this level with us, whatever your pleasure, we’re sure you’ll be happy with your reward whether you want to relax, have a laugh, enjoy good food or be scared silly. We will provide you with a reward to suit you.

Reward Level 3

Achieved at 186 hours worked

The recipient of this reward could dine with tigers, fly high in the sky or get their blood pumping with a thrilling white water rafting adventure. The list includes many relaxing experiences too such as pamper days and wine courses…

Reward Level 4

Achieved at 390 hours worked

With big cat encounters and beer brewing for two, deluxe spa days and fast rides on offer, you’ll feel well rewarded with this treat. Also, if you’re an animal lovers, car lovers, those who need a day off and those who enjoy a good beer… You’ll also feel rewarded.

We like to look after our GP’s

The more hours you work with Professional Local Locum the more we like to reward you.

Don’t think it ends at level 4. We have many more levels and we like to encourage our GP’s to enjoy their free time and we will do our very best to make sure you’re happy and passionate about what you’re doing.

As well as our reward schemes we have many other benefits including excellent rates of pay, free training and mentorship from our very own doctors that have a wealth of knowledge from working in this industry for many years. You will always feel appreciated and know that someone is there for you.

Benefits of joining Professional Local Locum **

At Professional Local Locum you can receive free training, mentorship and better rates of pay.

** Benefits & Rewards can only be received if you’re registered with Professional Local Locum as a GP.

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